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All releases for Fortitude HTTP

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the Fortitude HTTP GitHub repository or browse below for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.

Stable version released on 11/16/2019 (Recommended)
Files available with this release: 4
  • Removed all dependencies on the registry. Configuration files are located by relative path to binaries.
  • Woah, welcome back WindowsXP support. (64-Bit Only!)
Updated Documentation

Stable version released on 1/26/2018
Files available with this release: 2
  • Modified custom filters to allow outgoing buffers to be modified.
  • Added new custom filter type: On Before Compression.
  • Included new filter to minify outgoing data.
  • Resolved issue which causes SSI data not to be compressed.
  • Consolidated projects into one Visual Studio solution.
  • Upgraded platform SDK for Windows 10.
  • Resolved several x64 bugs which were very unlikely to be encountered.
  • Resolved buffer overrun when using long virtual root paths.
  • Resolved incorrect PDB on 64bit installer.
  • Resolved memory leak caused by duplicate allocations.

Stable version released on 3/26/2015
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved issue with anti image-leaching/direct-linking which caused feature to remain enabled after disabling it.
  • Implemented permanent redirect on non-trailing-slash requests for directories.
  • Implemented thread-pump spin counter to greatly increase network throughput.
    • Further refinement has been made as of the 2/18/2013 release.
  • Fixed erroneously disabled browse button on virtual root configuration dialog.
  • Implemented CPU affinity, process and thread priority boost.
  • Implemented setting to ignore binding errors.
  • Implemented setting to allow the server to be optimized for throughput (LAN vs. WAN).

Stable version released on 11/6/2012
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved server dialog validation issues which allowed for invalid configurations.
  • Included full server documentation in HTML format (see also: http://www.FortitudeHTTP.com/).
  • Resolved issue which caused domain credentials not to be saved for website root.

Stable version released on 11/1/2012
Files available with this release: 2
  • Retooled internal resource locking mechanism.
  • Updated mime types for many common data types.
  • Furthered the reach of the global memory tracker (CMemPool) adding substantial memory leak detection.
  • Implemented first phase of the debug console when compiled in debug mode.
  • Resolved buffer overrun when accessing file from within a deep virtual root.
  • Resolved small memory leak when accessing virtual roots.
  • Resolved memory exception when tracing initialization error stacks.
  • Resolved issue which prematurely decoded the query string causing it to be decoded multiple times.
  • Expanded custom error pages adding per-site configuration.
  • Implemented support for custom scripting engine driven error pages.
    • New environment variables (ORIGINAL_*) can be used to identify the original request.
  • Resolved issue introduced in the last beta which caused the server to crash when receiving an invalid header.
  • Resolved issues with custom error pages not sending a header on subsequent keep-alive connections.
  • Resolved issue with nested errors (what happens when an error occurs while sending an error).
    • Since the browser can only receive one error response, only the originating error is sent to the peer.
  • Implemented forward only hashing of server user passwords.
  • Breaking change: Implemented reversible encryption of domain credentials on virtual roots and website root.
    • If you have NT credentials supplied for your roots, you'll need to reenter them.
  • Resolved user impersonation for website root and virtual roots.
  • Resolved issue which mixed up URL vs. Query string filtering.
  • Reworked CGI engine stdio pumping, the response time should be much faster now.
  • Now using non-blocking pipe I/O.
  • Fixed-up internal 500 error reporting to be much more specific by reporting the textual GetLastError().
  • Resolved minor memory leak in the service cause when a setting is switched from local to global.
  • Added require-administrator element to the application manifest for automatic UAC elevation.
  • Revisited custom filter DLLs. Included new example project for "Super Verbose" message box logging.
  • Implemented the ability to alter server header/request information through the custom filters.
  • Implemented image anti-leaching support (Under website advanced settings).
  • Resolved issue where trailing CR or CRLFs were not preserved on post-data.
  • Reworked Scripting Engine parameter engine.

Stable version released on 6/14/2012
Files available with this release: 2
  • Corrected GUI animation transparencies using 8bit imaging masks.
  • Reduced service memory footprint by 50 percent by centralizing a single buffer.
  • Reduced memory footprint after a high-load by reallocating (shrinking) shared buffers when idle.
  • Resolved error: "The specified script was not found"
  • Simplified allocation of configuration memory.
  • Auto-correct slashes in virtual root directories.
  • Added receive buffering and removed unnecessary steps from file send buffering.
  • Resolved issues with incorrect PATHINFO, PATHTRANSLATED and SCRIPT_NAME environment variables.
  • During uninstall, the service is now stopped if it is running. An uninstall icon has also been added to the start menu.
  • Implemented feature to enable the use of scripting engines and SSI in custom error pages.
  • Added new "duration" field to server logging - this works best with log caching disabled.
  • Implemented "304-Not Modified" response for client side caching.
  • Implemented configurable scripting-engine error code checking.
    • This can be configured/disabled from the script-engine configuration dialog.
  • Resolved undefined behavior of scripts which return no content type.
    • The server will use (in this order), (1) the content type returned from the script, (2) the configured content type of the script extension, or (3) binary/octet-stream.
  • Resolved bug which could potentially allow directory indexing on cg-bins.
  • Corrected SSE (Simple Scripting Engine) examples to conform with the current version.
  • Re-engineered the included PostTest.exe for more reliable testing of post-backs.
  • Script execution is now terminated if the remote peer disconnects.
  • Included PDB files for native debugging - this will be included in all future versions.

Stable version released on 6/16/2011
Files available with this release: 2
  • Implemented ability to limit the dynamic buffer to reduce memory load.
  • Implemented ability to set the file buffer size to tweak transfer speeds / memory load.
  • Resolved user-management grid manipulation errors which occurred when more than one user was deleted.
  • Increased default size of internal file-buffer for greater I/O throughput.
  • Added additional UI threads for asynchronous communication with the server.

Stable version released on 6/11/2011
  • Fixed randomization event which could cause the server to be crashed under an extreme load.
  • Resolved potentially long shutdown times. This was due to an necessary lock which would need to time-out.

Stable version released on 6/2/2011
  • Changed default management port to 35634 to reduce conflicts with firewalls.
    • This can be changed via registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NetworkDLS\Fortitude HTTP\ManagementPort"
  • Implemented the ability to connect to different ports using host:port notation.

Stable version released on 3/17/2011
  • Resolved issue which would cause SSI pages to throw max-nesting-depth errors when server is under high load.
  • Changed the default content type of CGI processes to application/octet-stream when the type is absent from the CGI processes response.
  • Included first version of documentation - revisions will be made alongside subsequent releases.

Stable version released on 2/14/2011
  • Resolved the sending of extraneous line-feed character after post data.
  • Resolved issues with incorrect REQUEST_URI and DOCUMENT_URI variables in CGI and SSI respectively.
  • Resolved small memory leak which occurred when binding socket pools to specific IP addresses.

Stable version released on 2/9/2011
  • Fixed re-issue of content-type header when scripting engine prefixed its content-type with line feeds.
  • Resolved issue with SCRIPT_FILENAME environment variable when executing CGI from SSI directive.
  • Fixed potential stack overflow caused by nesting SSI includes and CGI executions.
  • Throughly tested several 3rd party web-applications in PERL and PHP.
    • Scripting engines: ActivePerl 5.12.2, Strawberry Perl and PHP 5.3.5
    • Applications: Boardawy Forum, phpMyAdmin, SquirrelMail, Drupal, osCommerce, Joomla, Magento, Mediawiki, phpBB, Wordpress.
    • Supporting applications: SQL Server 2008, MySql 5.5.9.

Stable version released on 2/8/2011
  • Added socket pooling support (sites can share a pool with a common port).
  • Added server and management application version checking at authentication.
  • Resolved issue with adding long descriptions to listening IP addresses.
  • Resolved potential unauthorized access issue when remote administration is enabled.

Stable version released on 2/8/2011
  • Resolved issue which caused root windows authentication not to be used.
  • Removed "use keep-alive" setting. It is now controlled by setting timeout to zero vs. non-zero.
  • Resolved memory leak when working with "keep-alive: close" or failed connections.
  • Resolved thread locking issue when shutting server down under high load.
  • Resolved inconsequential memory leak.
    • Memory is to be held for the life of the instance but was not freed gracefully.

Stable version released on 2/1/2011
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved issue with improper slashes in environment document path.
  • Implemented multi-part form-data boundary support.
  • Resolved issues with binary post data which contained nulls.
  • Implemented support for user defined limit on post/put data sizes.
  • Resolved issue which prevented reverting advanced settings to global.
  • Resolved issue with improper default path for PHP on 64bit systems.
  • Resolved thread lock issue when directing large post dataset to stdin.

Stable version released on 11/16/2010
  • Resolved long service shutdown times.

Stable version released on 11/11/2010
  • Fixed management socket issue which could crash the server upon shutdown.
  • Resolved minor incompatibility with HTTP header terminators.
  • Reworked threading so that the service will no longer use any CPU time while idle.
  • The service wasn’t using much. but idle should be idle, right?
  • Reworked SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO to match the CGI/1.1 standard.
  • If youve noticed posting problems with scripting engines such as PHP, then this is your fix!

Stable version released on 10/30/2010
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved possible buffer overrun in HTTP response code routines.
  • Added support for script supplied redirect and status events.
  • Streamlined configuration dialog processes.
  • Fixed visualization of CGI enabled icons.
  • Fixed potential crash upon initialization.
  • Reconfigured dialogs to support error pass-through from the server service.
  • Fixed issue which caused an inability to assign IP address on initial site creation.
  • When selecting "View Site" from the management console, the server now displays based on bound IPs.
  • Changed the functionality of "Restart Sites" and "Restart Server" context menu options.

Stable version released on 10/27/2010
  • Changed default PHP mapping to use the PHP-CGI.exe
  • Added all parent process environment variables to spawned CGI processes.
  • Added STDIN reader CGI test application.

Stable version released on 8/14/2010
  • Added the ability to bind the server to specific IP addresses.

Stable version released on 7/12/2010
Files available with this release: 2
  • Added service control icons to the start menu group.
  • Changed the behavior of open configuration windows if connection to server is lost.
  • Fixed addition of banned IP addresses.
  • Added service status to the connection dialog.
  • Fixed connect dialog behavior when authentication is denied.
  • Resolved an issue that caused tail data not to be sent when running keep-alive: close
  • Application setup will nolonger run if service is running.

Stable version released on 7/11/2010
  • Restored full support for windows 2000 (Server and Professional).

Stable version released on 6/28/2010
  • Fixed management console tree view functionality when working on secondary monitor
  • Fixed server response to zero-length files
  • Added new example code for Python, Perl, PHP, VBS and Simple Script
  • Added URL encoding to directory indexes
  • Fixed management application crash when not specifying a username and password
  • Included missing directory index image: Link.png

Beta version released on 6/15/2010
Files available with this release: 2
  • Split the service and GUI into separate processes for stability purposes.
  • Introduced full support for the 32-bit and 64-bit windows 2008, Vista and 7.
  • Removed support for standalone process, the server must be run as a service.
    • Can be overridden by passing /standalone to the service executable.
  • The service now keeps track of any errors in the "{installed folder}\ErrorLogs\" folder.
    • This is speaking of actual errors such as the inability to start a site, and not referring to HTTP errors.
  • Implemented remote management. The management application connects to the service on TCPIP port 76947.
    • Remote management connections are disabled by default and must be enabled by clicking on the server root in the management application and checking the "Allow remote managements" check box.

Stable version released on 12/31/2009
Files available with this release: 3
  • Implemented SSI parsing of CGI output.
    • To use, you will need to add your CGI script extension to the SSI file list.

Stable version released on 12/27/2009
  • 64bit CRC32 constructor fixups.

Stable version released on 12/25/2009
  • 64bit conversion release.

Stable version released on 12/23/2009
  • Added additional default mime-types and compressible types.
  • Fixed small issue in the URL Encoding routines when dealing with multiple side-by-side spaces.
  • Removed tree expansion on double click.
  • Added service update support to the auto-update utility.
  • Slight GUI refinements.
  • Added custom error page support, simplified error reporting and added detailed information for some errors.
    • The server still sends standard error codes.
  • Added support for running the website and virtual directories under different user accounts.
  • Fixed problem saving scripting engine setting for individual sites.
  • Fixed problem saving setting for individual sites through the front end.
  • No longer sends items from cache if cache item is larger than the original file.
  • Finished implementing full log file support with daily cycling per site.
  • Lots of resource locking optimizations. This make the server safer, faster and more reliable!
  • Fixed problem with virtual-roots which caused them to sometimes not to save properly.
  • Included better server functionality samples than previous versions.
  • Released from beta after 11 years later in the making - 64bit is on the horizon!

Beta version released on 12/23/2009
  • Fixed HTTP cookie response headers.
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly parsing content types from compressed CGI output.
  • Fixed memory leak when dealing with PUT requests.
  • Fully implemented HTTP verb: HEAD (in addition to POST, GET and PUT).

Beta version released on 12/23/2009
  • Resolved problem saving credentials for virtual roots.
  • Added validation to all configuration dialogs.
  • Implemented the ability to write uncached log files.

Beta version released on 9/14/2009
  • Fixed tree view icon refresh trouble when running as a service.
  • Added tray icon for non-service mode operation.
  • Lots of testing, tweaking and various internal bug fixes.

Beta version released on 7/7/2009
  • Resolved problem that caused icon not to be drawn in configuration tree view after subsequent openings of the configuration dialog.
  • Implemented the ability to double click on the configuration detail items (in addition to the tree items) to change settings.
  • Implemented multi-monitor support for the configuration dialogs.

Alpha version released on 6/11/2009
  • Tweaked UI, refined setup process and included AutoUpdate.

Alpha version released on 5/5/2009
Files available with this release: 1
  • Finished preliminary GUI design.
  • All server settings can now be configured via the frontend GUI.

Alpha version released on 12/30/2008
  • Initial public release.
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