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Fortitude HTTP version released as Stable on 11/1/2012 (View All)

Release Notes
  • Retooled internal resource locking mechanism.
  • Updated mime types for many common data types.
  • Furthered the reach of the global memory tracker (CMemPool) adding substantial memory leak detection.
  • Implemented first phase of the debug console when compiled in debug mode.
  • Resolved buffer overrun when accessing file from within a deep virtual root.
  • Resolved small memory leak when accessing virtual roots.
  • Resolved memory exception when tracing initialization error stacks.
  • Resolved issue which prematurely decoded the query string causing it to be decoded multiple times.
  • Expanded custom error pages adding per-site configuration.
  • Implemented support for custom scripting engine driven error pages.
    • New environment variables (ORIGINAL_*) can be used to identify the original request.
  • Resolved issue introduced in the last beta which caused the server to crash when receiving an invalid header.
  • Resolved issues with custom error pages not sending a header on subsequent keep-alive connections.
  • Resolved issue with nested errors (what happens when an error occurs while sending an error).
    • Since the browser can only receive one error response, only the originating error is sent to the peer.
  • Implemented forward only hashing of server user passwords.
  • Breaking change: Implemented reversible encryption of domain credentials on virtual roots and website root.
    • If you have NT credentials supplied for your roots, you'll need to reenter them.
  • Resolved user impersonation for website root and virtual roots.
  • Resolved issue which mixed up URL vs. Query string filtering.
  • Reworked CGI engine stdio pumping, the response time should be much faster now.
  • Now using non-blocking pipe I/O.
  • Fixed-up internal 500 error reporting to be much more specific by reporting the textual GetLastError().
  • Resolved minor memory leak in the service cause when a setting is switched from local to global.
  • Added require-administrator element to the application manifest for automatic UAC elevation.
  • Revisited custom filter DLLs. Included new example project for "Super Verbose" message box logging.
  • Implemented the ability to alter server header/request information through the custom filters.
  • Implemented image anti-leaching support (Under website advanced settings).
  • Resolved issue where trailing CR or CRLFs were not preserved on post-data.
  • Reworked Scripting Engine parameter engine.
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