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Secure Archive version released as Beta on 9/6/2007 (View All)

Release Notes
  • Began heavy documentation.
  • Started working on help file, requirements and overall specifications.
  • Added new search capability.
  • You can now easily find specific files in large archives by searching by the a files name, type or path.
  • Improved file / folder selection method.
  • When you right click on a file within the file list grid, you will now be prompted as to which directory level you want to select.

    If multiple files are right-clicked on you can only select all files within each of there full paths.
  • Added low-priority option to most dialogs.
  • You can now tell the application to run in low-priority mode in order to save resources for your other applications. This is quite hand when your encrypting large archives and using your computer at the same time.
  • Added new "HardKey" support.
  • You can now generate "HardKeys" by going to the "Security"->"HardKey Generator" menu option.

    HardKeys are large passwords that you can store on your Removable media (such as Thumb Drives and CD’s). They are used in conjunction with a password to add a much greater degree of security to your encrypted package as any attacker would need your encrypted data, your “HardKey” and your password.
  • Fixed file-attribute display issue.
  • The application was not properly displaying file-attributes in the file list grid. This has been fixed.
  • Added blank password support.
  • You can now leave the password blank to create an unencrypted archive. This is useful when you want to use SecureArchive as an archive or open distribution tool.
  • Added new "Password Strength" checking.
  • When encrypting a file, the application will now check the perceived strength of your password. This is based on the passwords length and the types of characters used (Uppercase, Lowercase, Symbols & Numbers).

    If your password is unacceptable then you will be prompted as such and will be given a chance to change your password, ignore the warning or change the warning level.
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