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All releases for NTDLS.Katzebase.Server

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the NTDLS.Katzebase.Server GitHub repository or browse below for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.

Stable version 1.10.0 released on 2/15/2024 (Recommended)
View source code for commit: 0.10.0
Files available with this release: 1
  • Update ReliableMessaging nuget, this allows us to make convention based API calls.

Stable version 0.9.0 released on 2/1/2024
View source code for commit: 0.9.0
Files available with this release: 1
  • Release as a seperate module.

Stable version 0.8.0 released on 1/31/2024
View source code for commit: 0.8.0
Files available with this release: 2
  • Fully swapped out HTTP for ReliableMessaging library.
  • Resolved import grid strobing.
  • Added schema stability locks and ability to deescalate to them.
  • Resolved race condition on deadlock... of all places.

Stable version 0.7.0 released on 1/23/2024
View source code for commit: 0.7.0
Files available with this release: 2
  • Swapped out threading model.

Stable version 0.6.0 released on 11/16/2023
View source code for commit: 0.6.0
Files available with this release: 2
  • Added new lock type: delete.
  • Added ShowLocks
  • Bumped semaphore nuget.
  • .net8.0 upgrade.
  • Installer fixes.
  • Icon changes.
  • Namespace moves and fixed client API success code for non-query.
  • Code standardization.
  • Rearrange mgmt classes.
  • Resolved issue with parent schema locking.
  • Added app name, resolved index api create and added disconnect cleanup.
  • Added default client app name.
  • Reimplemented deadlock detection.
  • Restructure and added SQL Server migration tool.
  • Mssql migration tool refinements.
  • Fixed issue with relative settings paths.
  • SQL migration tool fixes.
  • Resolved major issue with rolled-back transaction cache.
  • Added reporting on new tx read cache.
  • Handled deadlocks in migration tool.
  • Increased aggressiveness of locks.
  • Added block tree viewing EXEC ShowBlockTree
  • Major revisions to locking.
  • Track lock intention and key issue times.
  • Added transaction-state snapshots.
  • Moved system procedure implementations.
  • Checkpoint, working on critical sections.
  • Swapped in new critical section manager.
  • Moved critical sections.
  • Made locks more explicit.
  • Changed mutable locking to CriticalResource.
  • Finished converting semaphores.
  • Updated semaphore nuget.
  • Updated memory cache to use NTDLS semaphore
  • Moved memory cache to nuget.
  • Removed vestige
  • Moved "global" critical sections.
  • MemoryCache nuget update.
  • License.
  • Moved client to different repo.
  • Swapped out cache and semaphore nugets.
  • Change lock seeking to use optimistic locking mechanism.
  • Swapped out pessimistic semaphore for optimistic semaphore.
  • Resolved multiple locking issues.
  • Version corrections.
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