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Downloads   219
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Last Updated   7/10/2024
License   Apache License
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Version   2.10.6
Date   7/10/2024
Status   Stable Stable software is believed to be stable and ready for production use.

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the GitHub repository or browse the releases for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.


For years I’ve worked at places where we just needed a simple to use, searchable, unobtrusive, no-nonsense, collaborative and free place to dump documentation. The first thing that comes to mind is a Wiki but for some reason I can never find anything that "checks all the boxes". Hopefully you'll find this one does for you.

:yum: TightWiki is an ASP.NET Core MVC Razor WIKI written in C# that sits on top of a SQLite database (zero configuration required).

:crossed_fingers: Play with the latest dev build at http://TightWiki.com/. If you want to edit, you can signup using google auth or native TightWiki login.

:eyes: Or check out the full wiki documentation to learn about the engine functionality.

:boom: Also be sure to check out the screenshots below the feature list...

:anguished: Its been like a modern retelling of Sisyphus, only this time the stone is RegEx.

:astonished: Features (some of them anyway)

  • LGPL license , you can use it for free at home or at your business.
  • Open source, you can make changes, submit fixes or just make suggestions.
  • Completely customizable and rebrandable including name, title, footer, copyright and all images.
  • User signup can be disabled, enabled and can require users to verify email before logging in.
  • Multiple user roles are supported for admin, moderators, contributors and basic members.
  • Easy page linking. Can even link to pages that do not exist and the link will subtly prompt you to create the page when logged in with a role that has page creation support.
  • Admin shows missing pages, namespace metrics, users, roles, etc.
  • Manual account creation, editing and deletion.
  • All dates/times are stored in UTC and localized for logged in users.
  • Admin moderation which is driven by page processing instructions for things like page deletions, review, drafts, etc.
  • Page versioning. Revisions can be viewed by the original page URL with a /r/number route or by logging in a viewing the full page history.
  • Revertible page history.
  • Theme-able, with 25+ built in themes.
  • Drag-drop fie uploads / page attachments, images.
  • Versioned file uploads.
  • Namespace support so you can have multiple pages with the same name in different namespaces.
  • Fully baked in documentation of all wiki functions.
  • Wiki Markup allows you post non-formatted code and even auto-syntax highlighting for things like C#, PHP, SQL, etc. Can also explicitly specify language.
  • Wiki markup supports basic formatting, headings and sub-headings, tagging, tables, callouts, alerts, variables, bullets lists, dynamic glossaries, inline search results, dynamic tag clouds, related linking, expanding sections, auto-table of contents, and much more.
  • Wiki page editing is syntax highlighted.
  • Built in search supports fuzzy matching to support even mild misspellings.

Default home page:


Page search


Page History


Example edit page:


Build in documentation list:


Build in documentation sample:




Admin page list


Admin role list


Its been like a modern retelling of Sisyphus, only this time the stone is RegEx.

Recent Releases:
 2.10.6    2.10.5    2.10.1    2.10.0    2.9.3    2.9.2    2.9.1    2.9.0    2.8.2    2.8.1  

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