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Function Library
Downloads   14,868
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Last Updated   11/5/2010
License   Apache License
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Date   11/5/2010
Status   Stable Stable software is believed to be stable and ready for production use.

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the GitHub repository or browse the releases for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.


:loudspeaker: The NetworkDLS Standard Windows Function Library - a wide assortment of functions for windows and console programming.

NSWFL_MemoryPool The memory pool class is used to track memory allocations to ease the task of memory leak detection. It can be removed from release code with preprocessors.

NSWFL_Types Types used by NSWFL, currently empty. /shrug

NSWFL_Conversion Type conversions and parsers. Dates, strings, int, float, boolean, you name it.

NSWFL_DateTime Getting, comparing and converting various date/times.

NSWFL_KeyGeneration Random number an string generator.

NSWFL_ListBox Functions for working with WinAPI listboxes.

NSWFL_Math Its math. What did you expect?

NSWFL_Memory Memory operations, clear, set, copy, etc.

NSWFL_Registry Everyhting you need to access the registry.

NSWFL_String String manipulation.

NSWFL_System OS level functions, like get system name.

NSWFL_Windows Lots of functions for managing windows or anyhting with an HWND.

NSWFL_File File access functions.

NSWFL_Menu Functions for working with WinAPI menues.

NSWFL_ListView Functions for working with WinAPI listviews.

NSWFL_Graphics Graphics utilities, don't expect much.

NSWFL_Debug.H" Debugging functions.

NSWFL_InsecureInterface Fucntions to get around the stupid secure "_s" counterparts to the standard clib.

NSWFL_HighPrecisionTimer It's a hihg precision timer.

NSWFL_CommandLineParser Functions for parsing arguments passed to the command line.

NSWFL_StringBuilder A reasonable string builder for C++, finally!

NSWFL_StringBuilderArray A array of reasonable string builders for C++ (see what I did there?)

NSWFL_Base64 Base64 to and from.

NSWFL_VectorBinary A void* vector. Store what you will.

NSWFL_CRC32 CRC32 (cyclic redundancy check) calculation.

NSWFL_SHA1 SHA1 hashing functions.

NSWFL_Queue A FIFO queue for C++

NSWFL_Stack A FIFO or FILO stack for C++

NSWFL_VectorString A string vector class. Like NSWFL_VectorBinary is for void*, but for char*.

NSWFL_VectorT A vector template function.

NSWFL_XMLReader Class for reading and parsing XML.

NSWFL_XMLWriter Class for building and writing XML.

NSWFL_URLEncoding HTTP URL encoding.

NSWFL_IsolationLock An attempt to create a better critical section for thread locking.

NSWFL_DictonaryT A dictonary template class.

NSWFL_DictonaryString A dictonary of string(char*) class.

NSWFL_Network INET/TCP/IP functions. If you really want more, see https://github.com/NTDLS/CSocketServer

NSWFL_IntegerStack A stack of integers.

NSWFL_UIntegerStack A stack of unsigned integers.

NSWFL_Trace Used to keep track of a list of calls so that one can provide a stack trace.

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