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A tribute to Jacob Navia and my favorite compiler.

It seems like more than a decade that I've been going back to that |Virginia University (which seems to have been moved to here) for a copy of lcc-win32. What's more is the fact that I have totally read and nearly memorized the copy of the "Windows API documentation" whose link is now defunct.

The simplicity of the build process was beautiful, the size of the created executable remains still to this day the smallest I've ever seen. If only the compiler and linker utilized better optimizing algorithms, I'd probably still be using it to this day for production coding.

Batch Build process:

lcc -O -unused -c Test.C
lcclnk -s -subsystem:console -o Test.Exe Test.obj

It should be noted, that I still use this compiler for hobbyist applications and still have hundreds of applications that compile flawlessly using both GCC and lcc-Win32!

Except from aforementioned page:

lcc-win32 (3.77 MB) The compiler system, featuring compiler, linker, assembler, resource Editor and a lot of useful tools size: 3.8M last updated:Sunday, 29-Feb-2004 12:01:27 EST)
lccwin32.exe can't be opened
Changelog (97.64 KB) Lists the last changes and updates to the current distribution.  
Windows API documentation A win32 hlp file for the Windows-API. A must have for any serious windows programming. (size: 12.8M last updated: Monday, 06-Aug-2001 17:43:43 EDT)
User Manual for lcc-win32 (2.54 MB) The system will not work correctly without this file. The online help, and the documentation of the whole system are necessary to use it. It will save you time, and will avoid that you ask questions that are answered in the documentation. (size: 2.5M last updated: Sunday, 29-Feb-2004 12:11:39 EST)
Technical Documentation (6.63 MB) If you want to have a look behind the "scenes" of lcc-win32, anwers questions like; how have I tackled the diverse problems? How does a IDE and its tools work? (size: 6.6M last updated: Friday, 06-Sep-2002 14:14:23 EDT)
C-Tutorial (1.51 MB) If you are new to C then check this out it will show you how to develop your first programs, be it the famous "Hello World", your first Windows program or a DLL. PDF format, you need the Acrobat Reader to view it. (size: 1.5M last updated: Wednesday, 11-Feb-2004 05:07:54 EST)


Created by Josh Patterson on 2/19/2012, last modified by Josh Patterson on 8/14/2018

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